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YOU | FashionShoot Grocery Setting.
Retro 50’s influenced Colour &
Pop Art ‘Esque’ Monotony
Photographs : Diana Gomez
Styling : Philippa Bloom.

M&S | Something Different
Attention Grabbing Display & Product / Visual Merchandising.
Breaking up the monotony of the norm in M&S!

ASDA | ‘Back to School’ Floor Graphic.

Back to School Activity
Aisle Graphic | ASDA
As usual works from both ends culminating in the yellow bus finish in the centre.
See video of back to school journey in next post

Artemide | ‘Tolomeo’ Lamp.

Who would have thought it, that the lamp I bought with ‘big bucks invested!’ Back in 1990 during my Retail Interior Design phase, would continue to reappear in scenes on many world famous US and British films and drama series.

Consistently being seen across all the CSi franchise season upon season in path labs , on detectives desks.

Zoom forward to August2014 and Sadly the early and sad, tragic & unexpected death of Robin Williams this week.

'Tolomeo' pops up again !

I decided to watch ‘Good Will Hunting’ last night , Loving films and visual arts I cannot believe I’ve never decided to watch it sooner.

There it was sitting ‘sculpture like’ in front of Matt Damon.

'Tolomeo' designed by Michele De Lucchi & Giancarlo Fassina.

'Appearing in silence' this design classic must be one of the most famous product placements in history.

It would be interesting to know who holds the rights and if the originating designers made their fortune.

Anyone reading this article please add to this design classic story.
The lamp looks as original and as contemporary as it ever was! Bravo.

Chapstick POS | Spotted Hi Level on Motorway Gondola

WW1 | Commemorative Installation.
Ceramic Sea of Poppies.
Tower of London.